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Tue, Aug. 30th, 2005, 01:13 pm
Only 179 Days Till My Birthday!

Wow! Tomorrow morning im leaving for colorado!! Woo Hoo! I'm so excited! But I will miss everyone, and Josh! :) Oh well I guess it will be good for us to get used to how things will be once he leaves for college. Not too much had been going on. Sarah had her birthday party it was fun! I will post pictures when i get back, right now, here is some pictures from s.v.s.u.! Enjoy!


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Sat, Aug. 27th, 2005, 05:50 pm
I knew this was coming but I never dreamed it would be this hard.....

Yeah-so today was one of the hardest days of my life. We took Josh to U of D mercy for college. I know this is pathetic and sad but I dont know what to do with myself, and I feel like a big piece of me is gone. I keep crying and I can't stop. I hate being so emotional.I know we both promised nothing would change-but hes only been there a few hours and I feel like everything is different. I hate this. I thought I would come home and everything would be okay. But everything I do and everything I have is a constant reminder of him. I need to go do something. I will post again later.

Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005, 02:21 pm
Only 183 days till my birthday!

Yeah-sorry I havent updated in awhile. I'm kinda bad at that, I always put it off! Sorry! Anywho I've been doing really really well. I got my hair cut, its like 3 inches shorter and now I have a bazillion layers! :) I'm glad I really like it. I'll take a picture and post it soon on here. I also went to the dentist last week I got a small cavity forming! Blah! And so I have to go back on Wednesday, August, 31 for more work on it! Blah!  Anywho, then on Saturday I went to the Klings for Chelsey's graduation party! It was a total blast. A lot of hanging out with friends. We played a lot of volleyball too. And then we went swimming later at night. :) It was fun, but I'm sad it was the last grad party of the summer. :( And then hmmm...I've been hanging out with friends a lot and Josh! Oh i went to see Bad News Bears with Josh it was so effing funny!!! I reccommend it to everyone! Me and Josh were laughing so hard through the whole movie! it was soooo funny! Go see it! and I also went and saw wedding crashers it was funny too! I loved it! and then i also saw bewitched last night it was okay! Not too good, i saw it with kara, kiara and kaylie. it was awesome, we were the only ones in the theatre! Before we went to see the movie we went to target I got a bracelt. with stars on it! its cool. Oh and yesterday I went to the beach with Dana, D.J., and Sarah la, and Josh met us up there! it was sooo much fun! I got a decent tan, but im a lil burnt. me and dana had orgasmic icee's they rock! I finished the 6th harry potter book! oh it was so sad! lol I cried after I read it! I dont want to read harry potter for awhile now. I finished it really fast though--wish I wouldn't have. I'm going to a wedding with josh on saturday, and then early sunday morning Im leaving for colorado. Im excited but I will miss everyone. But not much other than that, just haning out. But I have to go shower! ttyl much love--annie

Tue, Jul. 19th, 2005, 12:03 pm
Only 190 days till my birthday! :)

Yeah I just got up a little bit ago. I slept in really late actually kara woke me up. I needed the rest though I've been totally exhausted! I almost forgot--on the 15th (friday) me and josh have been dating 'offically' for 3 months. :) Woo Hoo! Today I'm not doing all too much. Around 1:30 Kara is picking me up, were going to take cans and bottles back and get her oil changed. Going to the bank, and tanning and then stopping by cvs. So yeah thats my day. And then hopefully tonight me and Josh get together. I'm still reading the new Harry Potter book, I'm trying not to read it too fast. Its pretty good so far. Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut and then getting a dress or something for the wedding reception that me and Josh are going to! :) I'm excited! Woo Hoo! It will be so much fun. But thats about it...Oh yeah since I got my camera back I can update all those photos I havent updated. Well these are from new york! that was so long ago...sorry it took so long! Well I'm out! Much love---Annie

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Tue, Jul. 19th, 2005, 12:33 am
I feel like everyday I'm falling more and more in love with you!

I just got home from Josh's a little bit ago. Each and everytime I see him I like him more and more--its crazy. I didn't know I could ever feel this way about anyone. and our relationship totally rocks. we're going to stay together once he goes off to college. :) I'm glad its reassuring. We agreed not to talk about college but I had to bring it up....I just wanted to ask him how he felt about us. :) I feel better. So today I didn't really do much. I started reading the 6th harry potter book. Its good. I like it! I'm glad my mom finally bought me a book to read. I know it sounds geeky, but I like to read. Saginaw Valley State University (i could have just typed s.v.s.u. but when I type it out like that I feel better and smarter! lol) was good. Crappy camp but I had tons of fun with all the girls.  Man--this season will be awesome with all of them! I will be posting pictures soon. Sunday I got home about 12:20ish which was very nice. I got some stuff done showered and then went to Kadie McCues graduation party with kara and then later we went to Davies party. It was so much fun! I was so glad to see Josh. He is simply amazing. Anywho not much other than that going on 191 days till I'm 16 woo hoo! I'm excited! lol! I'm so nerdy! Anywho Im getting tired! I will post pictures tomorrow--I kinda forgot about uploading pictures on here and photo bucket. Anywho! Good Night Sweet Dreams

Much Love--Annie

Wed, Jul. 13th, 2005, 09:55 am

Good Morning! Wow I feel much better since I got some sleep....I was getting pretty cranky. So yesterday went well. Kara came over around 6:20ish we hung for a few minutes and then left for macomb. It was a fun ride down there. We lost both games against Romeo and Regina. But I think I played well in both games. I talked to my old  best friend Kaiti Fraccoloissi lol if the spelling is right. I miss her, she was a tom-boy like me. Oh well. She is totally awesome now! :) I am getting more comfortable playing with the team and stuff. So I'm glad. Tonight we play at 5, 7, and 8, so we are leaving Memphis around 3:30. I'm so glad tonight is our last day. Woo Hoo! I get to see Josh tomorrow night! I'm glad I miss him so much, and theres some things I want to discuss with him. I'm bummed I can't go to the 3 doors down/breaking benjamin concert since I will be in colorado, but I want to go to Kelly Clarkson's concert. :) At 11:30 I have to get a physical, I'm glad I'm getting that out of the way. Then I'm taking my jacket to get my academic letter sewn on and get it cleaned. And then medal things to hook all my medals on because the dumb things keep falling off! :( Anywho and then I'm running errands with my mom...fun! Well I don't mind all too much...I get to drive! lol And....196 days till my birthday! lol Woo Hoo! Much love --Annie--

Tue, Jul. 12th, 2005, 05:21 pm
So My Birthday is in 197 Days....Woo Hoo!

:) Yesterday was pretty good at macomb. I'm glad we only have 2 more nights of this, I like it but a break will be nice :) and then we have Thursday off! Woo Hoo! Anywho, we played Algonac, and lost....but it was good because all of us newbies coming up on varsity got to play the whole game, but then we played Regina, and we won against them, all the previous varsity players got to play in that game. And then tonight we play Romeo and Centerline I think? Then my mom drove me and kara home. We stopped at taco bell on the way home. I was bummed we forgot to stop at 7/11 :( they were giving out free slurpees.  Oh well! Today I woke up at 8:32 and i left at 9-kara came and picked me up for bitty ball that was fun! i love it! and then i went to karas house for lunch and then we went back up to the school for the second session and then she brought me back home. :) And then i cleaned, napped and just chilled out ya know the usual. Tomorrow morning I have my physical. Fun! lol i just want to get it out of the way...one less thing i have to do. Anywho I have to go kara will be here any moment were going to macomb together! I'll post more tomorrow! Much love! --Annie--

Mon, Jul. 11th, 2005, 03:19 pm
I love Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr.Pepper! :) mmm

Well sorry I don't update everyday like I used to. I'm busy with life and everything. Well the car wash went good I guess. We didnt have as much help as we would like but we got the job done. We raised about $270 for our class which isnt the best but it got us out of debt and now we at least have some money for homecoming and other events. We still have a lot of funraising to do, so if anyone has ideas let me know or one of the class officers know. Once football season starts we will finish selling the Memphis blankets we have left, not many. So if you want one of those even let one of us know so we can reserve it for you. And Flower Parties should be coming up soon. If anyone can have one again let like Sarah know or something cause we really need to get making flowers, its easier if we have the flowers made BEFORE we start building our float so then we can spend so much more time on the float rather than making flowers. And we started planning homecoming :):):) which is on september 23 I believe. Im really excited for this year, it will definitely be much better than last year! Anywho. So after the car wash, I went to taco bell with josh and then we went to his house and played Super Mario Brothers lol it was a blast, and then we just hung out. Then on saturday, I went to the beach with Sarah La, Dana and Leah. It was a blast. Some weird young guys kept like following me and Sarah, yeah kinda weird. It was so much fun though. And then I came home and got cleaned up and then went to grad parties. I went to Raes first with Kara. It was fun seeing everyone and just messing around. Then I went to Devyns with Joshua and we all  played ultimate frisbee(as usual) which is always a blast I wish it became a sport in Memphis, or wait it would probably have to become a 'club'  and then after Devyns me and Josh went over to Mitch's. we played volleyball it was fun.lol and then after that the guys left to go play halo. which was sad I guess. and then we all went back to Rae's. And then I talked to Sarah Le for a long time about college and stuff. Then Kara (and Leesh) took me home around 11:30ish maybe earlier, I wanted to go home I was in a bad mood. :( I don't know why, well I do but I don't understand why it put me in a bad mood I guess. So I was in bed by like 11:45 that was a first. Then Sunday I woke up early and went to Josh's house. We went to the car wash too. And then paul brought us back taco bell mmm...lol it was yummy!! I love Taco Bell! Then lets see we played Super Mario Brothers and jsut goofed around like usual, and then he took me to the school for basketball. We met there around 2:15ish and then Emily, Sarah, Jenni and I went to Macomb Basketball together. It was a fun ride there. We played pretty well I thought, I'm excited I wish I could do better though. I'm still very unsure of myself, I wish I took some shots, I think I'm scared to shoot. We got home around 9:00. Mrs. Wessel drove us all home and once I got home I called Josh but he was watching House of Flying Daggers. lol So he called me back around 10:00 but in the mean time I talked to Kara for a long time, it got pretty emotional. It was nice though, we vented our feelings. And then after talking to Josh I went right to bed. Then I got up around 7:45 this morning, and went to the bitty-ball camp to help out Meldrum. It was so much fun helping all the little kids! I loved it. Then at 11 me and Jenni went to Richmond K-Mart got some stuff she needed and then went to the Party store and got Pizza for lunch. :) mm...lol oh yeah we got slushies too! Then we went back and did the camp with the older kids. I'm glad I helped lol I feel better that I did. Then Jenni drove me home. Now I'm just cleaning and getting stuff done around the house, I want to go jogging on the treadmil (spelling?) for awhile just to help get in shape but I don't think I'm too up to it. We are meeting up at the school at 6:20 today to go to Macomb again today. We have games at 8 and 9 tonight so its not too much. I have camp on Tuesday and Wednesday too. I get Thursday off and then We go to SVSU on Friday and get home early sunday afternoon. Woo hoo and then after that I will have a break. Well a little one. On the 31st I'm leaving for Colorado and since I don't want to be gone that long we are coming back on the 5th or 6th hopefully the sooner the better. and I cant believe we already start school in like 49 days...ugh I don't want to go back possibly because that means Josh is going off to college. I don't know what I'm going to do.:(:(:(:(But on a more positive note, my birthday is in 198 days! Woo Hoo! and in 168 days it will be 180 days since I got my permit!lol. Well I have to get going! Talk to ya later! Much love--Annie

Thu, Jul. 7th, 2005, 03:53 pm

Hey, sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I've been busy/computer has been incompetent. lol. Anywho, my mom found another house she likes. Its on potter street across from the police station and next to the fire station. I'm excited. She meets with the builder, and then realtor tomorrow to make a bid I think. Its brand new ( well its still being built ) so I'm glad. But it won't be dont until september, so we will have to get an apartment until then just to get out of here. :) Tomorrow our class is having a CAR WASH IN THE RICHMOND K-MART PARKING LOT FROM 3-7 AND WE ARE TAKING DONATIONS, SO IF YOUR CAR NEEDS A GOOD SCRUBBIN, COME ON OUT TO SUPPORT OUR CLASS! :) Woo Hoo! lol and then tonight I am probably going to hang out with Josh or hit up the movies with my friends, were thinking of seeing bewitched. Yesterday I had lunch with my friends at moms and then me kara and alyse went all around memphis and richmond putting up signs supporting the car wash! lol it took forever and then I got home around 3:30 packaged up teh digital camera to have it sent out (to be fixed) and then mailied it and then drove to 23 mile to get a new cake for josh. and then as soon as i got home he picked me up and I went to his house, and then we watched anchorman and played supermario brothers and did other stuff! lol i really hope we hang out tonight. and on tuesday, uhm lets see I hung out with kara since josh went to justins to play halo. :) I missed her so much while she was gone! Oh yeah and today I saw Miss Sarah Rankin! Shes so sweet! I love her. It seems like just yesterday she was a senior and I was a freshman! lol and now Im going to be a junior! Scary! and there is only 202 days till im 16 woo hoo! :) Im so excited! and today we had a student council meeting, it went okay i guess. lol the best it could be, but we have a lot of stuff ordered for homecoming, im so excited i actually think this might be a really cool theme this year. anywho and then we had basketball and got our shoes, they are awesome! i love them, i feel so ghetto like in them and we got t-shirts too but mel is giving them to us on the first day of macomb! But I have to go take a shower I'll ttyl! Much love!

Sun, Jul. 3rd, 2005, 02:17 pm

So i figured I might as well update while I have time. I have nothing really to do today. Its kinda nice, but I'm so used to doing something all the time I really dont know how to act. Is that weird? So yesterday was a blast. Josh came and picked me up. I gave him his present. I have to take the frisbees back since he already bought one the night before. :( I feel dumb. But he liked the cd and kisses lol and the card. I forgot to give him the pictures...my bad! The ice cream snickers cake I bought him, might be infected with salaminilla lol I know I spelled that wrong...but you get my point so I have to take that back too. Psh. What a bummer. So then me and him went to the movies. We saw Rebound. It was totally funny! I loved it! lol they played eye of the tiger at the end so we sat there for the whole song! it was fun! and then we went to red lobster for lunch! lol it was a blast. :) And then we stopped and picked up some pop for Amanda R's house. and we went home changed really quick and then we went to amanda r's early. lol dumb me forgot about the time. and it was a total blast! i had so much fun! lol I love amanda and her house! lol and then I came home around 12:30ish. Only 206 days till I'm 16. lol thats not very many at all. I can't wait! and then I can finally drive! woo hoo! I feel so behind everyone else. Oh well. :) I can't wait for Kara to get home I miss her. I just need someone to talk to. I feel like I'm an awful person lately. blah im in a bad mood. blah. Well Im going to go get some stuff done! i'll ttyl! buh bye! Much love! -Annie-

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